NC State Board of Elections proposed Rule Change

The NC Board of Elections has given notice of its intent to amend its rules on temporary rule making procedures.  A full notice has been published and a public comment period has been opened that goes through April 20, 2020.  The full text can be accessed on the NC BOE Website,


The proposed changes will grant emergency powers to the Executive Director of the State Board of Elections to conduct elections in any district where the normal schedule is disrupted under a number of scenarios including and epidemic or pandemic.


Given what we have already seen in other states such as Wisconsin and Virginia, it is clear that the Democrat Party intends to use the Corona Virus Pandemic as a means to disrupt the election schedule, and potentially move to all mail in voting.  


The Speaker of the NC House, Phil Berger, has already indicated that he is concerned about what might happen if North Carolina loosens its laws on mail voting, or grants this excessive power to the Director of the NC BOE.  


Below is the link to the portal where you can comment on the proposed rule change, and the Dare County Republican Party strongly urges you to do so.  We also encourage you to let your NC State Senators and Representatives know that you oppose this rule change, and ask that they do what they can to prevent it from occurring.