Defend our Republic and call for Biden's resignation.

The recent events in Afghanistan have left our country in mourning and peril. Our President and his administration have created a situation that has caused loss of life and armed and emboldened our enemies.
We, the people, are calling for the resignation of Joe Biden. Please join us in demanding that our elected officials call for his immediate resignation.

Click on this link to download our sample letter and a set of bullet points for you to use to write to as many government officials as you can. The bullet points are suggested topics and information, feel free to add to them. They will be most effective if they are restated in your own words. Also, adding a statement about how the issues affect you personally makes for a much more compelling letter. For example, it would be powerful to mention if you are ex-military, know someone who served there, or know someone who is stranded there.

Please remember to be respectful and courteous – ‘you will catch more bees with honey than with vinegar’.  Mailed correspondence carries the most weight, but if your preferred way of communication is email or phone call then by all means employ those methods.

For your convenience, click on this link to download the mailing addresses for our Dare County elected representatives. We have included Nancy Pelosi, Kevin McCarthy, Chuck Schumer, and Mitch McConnell since their leadership roles represent all United States citizens. Also listed are websites where you can obtain addresses for all NC State Legislators and all Federal Representatives and Senators.